The EMPHASIS system

The EMPHASIS system will be composed of different sensors in a network. Area detectors, strategically positioned, for the monitoring of explosives or precursors to explosives in the vapour phase will be used. Multiple static sensors, positioned in the sewer, for the monitoring of the sewage for indicative traces will also be used. The detectors will be connected in a network and the total gathered data will be fused and evaluated in a command centre.

If a threat substance is detected in elevated amounts, information about the type, location, time and amount will be registered and sent to a command centre where further evaluation and appropriate actions is performed. The intention is first to cover a large area that will be reduced step by step to smaller areas. The search strategy in the smaller area is to increase the number of sensors used in order to localise the bomb factory. The exact pinpointing of the bomb factory will be performed using stand-off detectors in mobile equipped units.


On-line analyses

The basis for the system is the continuous on-line analyses of traces of explosives and precursors in vapour phase and sewage over a significant area of cities. The data from the networked sensors will be fused and sent to a command centre for evaluation. The final verification is stand-off trace detection with equipped mobile units for pin-pointing the bomb factory.



FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Department of Energetic Materials
Grindsjön Research Centre
SE-147 25 Tumba